What a fantastic few days the four of us had in the dales on a hedge laying course. Over two days we learnt the ancient skill and boy did we know about it at the end, I can safely say that we were all covered in scratches from working with the Thorn bushes Daves legs look like he has been in a play fight with half a dozen kittens and even though I did very little compared to the other three my arm looks the same lol I am sure that you only have to look at the stuff and you bleed. As you can see from the pics Sammie and I posted we were in a stunning part of the world, in a fantastic B&B Dale house Farm The food was stunning as was the accommodation its off the beaten track but well well worth a visit and if a beautiful room isn’t your bag they have a heated camping barn to stop in. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team at Lowe Maintenance especially our trainer Dave Padley We all came away with a far better understanding of the basic techniques and we are looking forward to going back to, not only more training but possibly to compete in competitions.