Hello good people of the woods and glades. The volunteers have been working jolly hard up in the meadow thinning some of the Ash & Oak trees from the arboretum plantation ,Recently we have been concentrating on creating an Tree Avenue from the fire pit through to a new picnic spot near the Owl gate. What we would like to do at the fire pit end is to plant a number of Yew trees to create an arch way . So here is the real point to this post we are are on the lug, does anyone have any small yew trees that are surplus to their needs and are easily transportable to our Meadow cheers

I thought as I was sat here drinking my third cuppa of the morning. The ConVols will be working at Scarborough Castle this coming week. We will continue to thin and remove the Sycamore & Blackthorn from the Castle walls. The volunteers are also looking forward to helping English Heritage develop a wild flower Meadow within the Castle grounds, Projects that will be seen throughout the world on social media and global mapping protects. COOL