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February 2017

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01.03.17 Woodland Management Scarborough Castle


08.03.17 Woodland Management Scarborough Castle


15.03.16 Pond Management Hopper Hill Road


22.03.17 Woodland Management Raincliffe Meadow


29.03.17 Pond Management Hopper Hill Road


05.04.17 Tree Planting Silpho Horse Sanctuary


12.04.17 Tree Planting Silpho Horse Sanctuary


19.04.17 Footpath Maintenance Forge Valley


26.04.17 Boardwalk Maintenance Forge Valley


03.05.17 Boardwalk Maintenance Forge Valley


10.05.17 Meadow Work Raincliffe Meadow


17.05.17 Fence Repairs Forge Valley


24.05.17 Meadow Work Raincliffe Meadow


This week

Now then you lot,up and at em. Dont forget we are on the meadow tomorrow,we have an intermittent hedge to plant and a large amount of wood chippings to spread. We will also be doing some thinning and a little practice with the Rip saw. If you would like to join us please do, your more than welcome to come along and join us. If your concerned that you cant commit to coming out each week its cool, come when and if you can. Transport is available to anyone not having it,we pick up at the station at half 9. COME and JOIN in

Millennium Woods

Good morning tree huggers, today I would like to brag a little about the conservation volunteers achievements in millennium wood. Over the last two weeks the ConVols have been working thinning trees in the woodland. This may look to some as a strange way to manage a woodland. Unfortunately when these woodlands were planted around 16 years ago the trees were planted far too close together, this is done to help suppress the undergrowth and allow the tree whips to grow, it also gives wind protection to the trees. However once the woodland starts to mature it soon becomes clear that some trees are doing well while others struggle. It also creates a single canopy throughout the woodland blocking light to the floor. It also discourages wildlife from occupying the woodland simply because it is dark, cold and damp. Let’s face it we would not like to live in those conditions. It is for these reasons woodland is cleared, to allow light through the woodland canopy to encourage undergrowth, to create a canopy of different heights and to allow air into the wood in order to dry it out. The ConVols have over the last few years been slowly thinning this small woodland and over the next few winters we will continue the thinning process and plant new varieties of plants, shrubs and trees. This will create easier access for the birds and a greater variety of nesting/feeding spots. Even now the difference to the ground flora/fauna is astounding, grasses are starting to come through the woodland is drying out and it is no longer a dark damp habitat.

Next week the ConVols will be working on Raindcliffe Meadow planting an intermittent hedge, this is being done not to create a boundary but to allow a greater variety of habitats and to encourage new hedgerow species. The ConVols will monitor the newly planted hedging and in a few years time when the hedge is mature the volunteers intend to lay the hedge down in a variety of regional styles. The volunteers are also expecting a delivery (large) of chippings these will be laid in the main gate to help keep it dry and to provide an easy/welcoming entrance to the meadow. In the next few months the volunteers will continue to develop the small picnic area, providing seats, tables and bird feeding stations. We will continue the thinning process in the Arboretum stand and plan our planting.

A call out

This is a call out for volunteers
on Saturday, 18 February the ConVols are helping out with some tree planting and Filey the trees to be planted are

Common crab apple. 20
Grey Willow. 20
Common Dogwood 60
Hornbeam. 10
Green Beech. 10
Wild. Cherry. 20
Silver Birch. 15
Field Maple. 20
English Oak. 10, 10
Mountain Ash/Rowan. 20, 20
Bird Cherry 20
Goat Willow. 60
Norway Maple 20
Small Leaved Lime 5
Gelder Rose. 60
Blackthorn and other hedging. 100+
Common Alder. 20
Downy Birch. 20
if you would like to help out with a few hours treeplanting and hedge planting please let me know and I will forward further instructions

back to Millennium woods

Hello you lot i just wanted to let you know what is happening next Wed. Thats it you have got it in one Millennium Wood ,Thinning and chipping,this spot will be stunning in a few years s the sun starts to get down on to the ground .A huge amount was accomplished last week even though it was soaking

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