This is a call out for volunteers
on Saturday, 18 February the ConVols are helping out with some tree planting and Filey the trees to be planted are

Common crab apple. 20
Grey Willow. 20
Common Dogwood 60
Hornbeam. 10
Green Beech. 10
Wild. Cherry. 20
Silver Birch. 15
Field Maple. 20
English Oak. 10, 10
Mountain Ash/Rowan. 20, 20
Bird Cherry 20
Goat Willow. 60
Norway Maple 20
Small Leaved Lime 5
Gelder Rose. 60
Blackthorn and other hedging. 100+
Common Alder. 20
Downy Birch. 20
if you would like to help out with a few hours treeplanting and hedge planting please let me know and I will forward further instructions