Good morning nature lovers!
Scarborough Conservation Volunteers (ConVols), are pleased to announce that the first stage in removing the self-seeded sycamore trees, around Scarborough Castle, has been completed. This has been a fantastic job for the volunteers to tackle and I think I speak for everyone when I say the volunteers absolutely loved the task. Our work on the castle walls is not yet finished, so the ConVols will be back next year to continue the tree removal.
English Heritage, who own the site, has asked the Scarborough ConVols to collaborate in the creation of a “meadow” inside the castle grounds. We plan to start with a small area of approximately one acre to start this project. Initially the ConVols, in association with English Heritage Volunteers, will cut the grass and remove the clippings. We do this in order to give the wildflowers a chance to thrive against the more vigorous grasses.
Scarborough Castle is an internationally recognised symbol of the town of Scarborough with both the castle and the grounds visited by thousands of tourists every year. English Heritage and the ConVols see the creation of a flower meadow within the castle grounds as an important part of the castle’s development by giving our visitors a beautiful wildflower display and also giving a much needed boost to the associated wildflower habitats.
Unfortunately the ConVols do not have a suitable ‘sit-on mower’, that would go through the castle gates and work on rough ground. If anyone reading this post has such a machine and would be willing to lend it to the ConVols for one day, or would come along and volunteer themselves and machine to do this task it would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Ron Baxter if you could help.
Anyone interested in joining the ConVols and helping us on this and other projects, please contact Ron Baxter by email at / phone 07884968383 or .contact The Manager English Heritage
Next week’s task has been changed to the Raincliffe meadow, we will be working on the bird hide,some tree thinning and planting a small habitat hedge.If you are interested just come along and join us on the Meadow or if you need transport at Scarborough Rail St. at 9.30 am